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Australian Opal Koroit Yowah Matirx Boulder Opal by FenderMinerals,

Australian Opal Koroit Yowah Matrix Boulder Opal by FenderMinerals

Gem Boulder Opal in brown ironstone matrix   from Quilpie, Quilpie Shire, Queensland, Australia   via www.exceptionalminerals.com

crystal-porn: Dazzling specimen of Gem Boulder Opal in Brown Ironstone matrix

ROM Gems - "Dream Cloud" Carved Boulder Opal One of the most amazing pieces of opal I've seen is this carving of a face - something about u...

"Dream Cloud" This piece is a Queensland, Australia boulder opal carving. The entire carving weight is 1167 carats. Presently in the collection of the Royal Ontario Museum

Boulder Opal from Australia  by Wood’s Stoneworks and Photo Factory

Boulder Opal from Australia by Wood’s Stoneworks and Photo Factory

Spectacular Boulder Opal from Australia!

Boulder Opal: This semi-precious stone is fascinating. A rare opal, sprouting in a piece of petrified wood.

http://Papr.Club - Another cool link is lgexoticcartransport.com  Opalised dinosaur tooth - Australia Museum

Opalized theropod dinosaur tooth / Lightning Ridge, New South Wales / Photo: Carl Bento Rights © Australian Museum

Geology Rocks [!]  Full disclosure: I am NOT the author of the great caption above. It's from a previous pinner.

Poster of rock & minerals, showing classification. I NEED this for my room. That way I can dream about earths materials in my sleep. - blast of color which makes it easy to fall in love with rocks!

#Citrine Rough for Tumbling - Rough Rocks, Minerals and Crystals Shop

Citrine 100 gram pack, ideal for collectors, or if you want it to fill a tumbler barrel just order multiples of 100 grams

Add amethyst to your meditation practice!

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