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Best drink for the World Cup? Brazil’s cachaça. Avuá

Often considered Brazil’s answer to rum in that it’s made from sugar cane, cachaça makers are quick to note that cachaça came first and has a history that goes back to the century.

Avuá Cachaças Oak aged

Avuá Cachaça has lined up the third expression of its cachaca range in the US.

Avuá Amburana Cachaça - ★★★★★+ reviews

Avuá Amburana Cachaça - ★★★★★+ reviews

AvuaCachaca Prata LineUp

We received two samples recently of an amazing cachaca from a small batch single estate source - Avua Cachaca. Avuá Cachaça Prata and Avuá Cachaça Amburana offer a glimpse into what we can safely call - excellent cachaca.

Avuá at Milk and Honey

Introducing Avuá, a new sippable and cocktail-friendly cachaça that will change your perception of the category.

Our latest releasse, avuá oak

Our latest releasse, avuá oak

Finnriver Artisan Sparkling Cider méthode champenoise

Finnriver Artisan Sparkling Cider méthode champenoise

Bahama Bob's Rumstyles: Avua Cachaca Amburana

Avua Cachaca Amburana is an unusually smooth with a lingering flavor that is rarely found in your run of the mill cachacas.

Caiparinas are an iconic drink in Brazil - even if you can't make it to Brazil this summer, enjoy one of these and you will feel like you are on the beach!

RECIPE for Brazil's famous Caipirinha COCKTAIL, with suggested modifications tom make caipiroshka and caipiríssima, too