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The A-List: 15 ways you know you're a crossfitter

The A List: 15 Ways To Know You're A CrossFitter

I wish I would have seen this article before trying "Karen" the other day. Great  tips to improve wall balls.

6 Quick Tips To Dominate the Wall Ball

Wall balls, You either love them or hate them. Learn 6 quick tips to help you be more efficient with wall balls.

8 CrossFit Books That Every CrossFitter Should Read

8 CrossFit Books That Every CrossFitter Should Read

We have put together a great list of some of the top CrossFit books to help you improve your performance and keep you entertained on rest days.

That is exactly why a main focus of mine is my belly.  I may look tiny but if i put on a tight shirt...wow!

Reasons to lose weight: to wear a tight shirt and not feel fat. No muffin top PLUS I really love this outfit


Skill: Front Squat rack position (Check Eva's feet - they are in the landing position! Check her elbows - driving up!) Strength: Front Squat, work to

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Oh Yeah!

I love this picture. Motivational picture to me. This is by far the best CrossFit picture ever. It is the reason I go back everyday.

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