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For parents - about the need for space ed; Interesting conversation: Why is religion seen as being at the opposite end of the spectrum from astronomy? Why do people think that there is nothing to learn about God from space? What do the heavens reveal about God? What is the most important lesson He gives us in these massive things?

Alpine School Board Member to Parents: Opt Out Common Core SAGE tests

Brian Halladay, Board Member of Alpine School District in Utah, explains why he recommends parents opt-out of Utah's SAGE test.

Scans Reveal Brain Abnormalities in Fibromyalgia Patients

Scans Reveal Brain Abnormalities in Fibromyalgia Patients....even more proof that Fibro is real!

El sol. Veus en 3 min el q els astrònoms han observat en 3 anys. The Dynamic Sun: Stunning Three-Year Time-Lapse View

FOLLOW-UP: Wall Street Journal Doubles Down on Global Warming Denial

Arguing with deniers of any stripe gets tiresome quickly. They trot out old, already-debunked points, misuse known science, or sow confusion where none exists. Countering their nonsense is like trying to dig a hole in water.

Celebration Sun

The Celebration Sun is used to celebrate children’s birthdays by having them hold a globe and walk around the sun once for each year they have been on the earth

Train Like an Astronaut

Train Like An Astronaut - for ages 8-12 challenges students to get fit and also learn how astronauts stay fit in space.

Two of America’s three branches of federal government have declared war on parental authority. President Obama’s Department of Education has been explicitly attacking schools that have the audacity to prefer traditional morality. However, making sense of the Education Department’s actions requires looking at the Obergefell same-sex “marriage” decision. The Obergefell decision explains why the Department …