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Explore 1882 Italy, Hayez 1791 and more!

"Il Bacio" The Kiss c.1859. Francesco Hayez b.1791 d.1882. Oil on canvas. Italian painter, leading artist of Romanticism in Italy. Known famously for this painting portraying two lowers in a Medieval setting. Il Bacio becomes the iconic kiss symbolic of a new Italy. Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan, Italy.

Young Woman Reading (1909). Umberto Boccioni (Futurism, 1882-1916). Mixed technique. Boccioni adapted Marinetti’s ideas to the visual arts and became the leading theoretician of Futurist art. In 1910 he and other painters drew up and published the Technical Manifesto of the Futurist Painters, promoting the representation of the symbols of modern technology—violence, power, and speed. #EasyNip

Old Modern Handicrafts Small Venetian Gondola Model by Old Modern Handicrafts

@Overstock - The most famous and characteristic symbol of Venice is the Gondola. This boat represents a typical Venetian Gondola circa 1882. The model now is rebuilt without the roof in the middle of the boat and used to carry tourists along the Venice river in Italy. $159.99

Francesco Hayez, pinturas – Facultades mentales licricardososa.wordpress.com2024 × 2465Buscar por imagen Francesco Hayez, pinturas

Rare medieval cross for the altar and for ceremonies, 9th century, Italy, made from copper with beautiful enamel. Victoria and Albert Museum, London, no. 100-1882.