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Cappelletti Aperitivo

Cappelletti and What Time Is Midnight Mass?

cocktail virgin slut: cappelletti smash

2 oz Cappelletti Aperitivo Lemon (cut into 6 pieces) (*) 2 heaping tsp Sugar Shake with ice and strain into a rocks glass with fresh.


Cappelletti Should Be the First Bottle You Add to Your Bar This Spring

If you don’t know Cappelletti, prepare to make its acquaintance and find out why it’s the bottle that has been heretofore missing from your bar.

Summer Punches and Drinks for any party: Summer Strawberry Blush Punch

10 Delicious Punches for Any Summer Soiree

Inspiration : G'Intastic Garden Punch 15 quartered strawberries 6 basil leaves ​juice of limes 1 ½ cups Agave Nectar or Simple Syrup 3 cups Floraison 2 cups White Grape juice

The Boulevardier of Broken Dreams

Recipe: The Boulevardier Is for Those Who Can't Decide Between a Negroni and Manhattan

Suze // a pleasingly bitter French apéritif made from the gentian root, which grows in the mountains of Switzerland and France.

This Summer, Drink Suze. Also, Learn What Suze Is.

This summer, you should be drinking Suze, the French liqueur made from gentian root. Because it's awesome. In cocktails, or just on its own

#Negroni is the direct descendant of the Milano-Torino #Cocktail #Americano  http://www.italoamericano.org/story/2015-7-16/Digestivi …

Sensi Gusto on

#Negroni is the direct descendant of the Milano-Torino #Cocktail #Americano http://www.italoamericano.org/story/2015-7-16/Digestivi …

Spritz vs. Pirlo from Ortensia Blu

Campari Spritz or Pirlo

“What type of Pirlo would you like?” asked Nicoletta as we were sitting at a quiet outdoor café with a view of Lake Garda in the distance. “With Campari or Aperol?” Well, since I didn’t know what the heck a Pirlo was … Continue reading →

Cranberry Old-Fashioned recipe from PBS Food - Cranberry syrup recipe, plus bourbon, Ango and soda water

Cranberry Old-Fashioned Recipe

Knockemdown Key - Rum, Creme de Banane, and Luxardo Maraschino. Knockdown guaranteed.

16 drinks that will relieve beer fatigue, and guarantee a fun time.