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own it, still haven't played - any comments?

Figure out what three seemingly random items have in common! This is a fun brain stretcher.

"How to Choose the Perfect Board Game" flow chart. If it were really perfect though most of these would lead to pictionary.

Cranium Hoopla     -Got this game for 2.99 at a thrift store.  Amazon third-party sellers are asking as much as $72.00 for it.  I don't know why...

" Grab a group of friends and start working together to beat the timer as each player tries to get the rest of the group to guess what's on their cards before time runs out. Guaranteed to bring some giggles to the room.

These 20+ board games are the most fun party games for adults! Grown-ups will actually WANT to play these fun and hysterical adult board games!

Fun Party Games for Adults: Board Games

SPLIT DECISION | Trivial Pursuit, Trivia Game, Adult, Party Board Game | UncommonGoods, $24.99

Split Decision

If you've been saving lonely factoids for a rainy day--today's your day to shine and start playing Split Decision, a new, fast-paced trivia game.

This family card game is really easy to play, uses some strategy and some luck, and is quick.  The kids love it!

Ahoy there! Beware those plundering pirates! In Gamewright’s captivating card game Loot you’ll set sail for an exciting adventure of strategy and skullduggery. Storm your opponents' merchant ships and seize valuable treasure.

Pass the sushi. In this fast-playing card game, the goal is to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by. Score points for making the most maki rolls or for collecting a full set of sa

Sushi Go Game by Gamewright

Amazon.com: Name 5 Game: Toys & Games

Amazon.com: Name 5 Game: Toys & Games

My class loves playing a version of this game during morning meeting- good for vocabulary and thinking outside the box-  How creative can you be in the limited time as you try to find words in categories that won't match with your opponents?

The classic fast-thinking categories game. Players try to match categories using words that start with the same letter. 2 to 6 players. Hasbro first