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Beauty Elixir

Caudalie Beauty Elixer. Spray on toner, primer, refresher. Unbelievably soothing and brightening. All natural too.

Citrus Basil Sugar Scrub Recipe

This amazing Citrus Basil body scrub is invigorating, restoring, and softens skin as well as or better than anything you would find in a mall.

Top 5 Most Refreshing Ideas to Prevent Stress from Controlling You I also like to add mint oil and use less baking soda. It makes a for a nice night after a long shift

Use fresh rose petals to make a sensitive and soothing facial toner - it naturally refreshes your skin and smells amazing!

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You’ll Be Obsessed With This 3-Ingredient DIY Face Mist

Use this tutorial to make your own facial mist with just 3 ingredients. SO refreshing!