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photo: daniella marie

photo: daniella marie

Wrapping idea, simple brown paper, pretty ribbon and stickers. Love it! You could use so many colors and themes on this idea, not just at Christmas.

One of my favorite ways to wraps gifts. plain brown paper decorated with bows, ornaments, etc. However, wrapping must be accompanied by singing. "brown paper packages tied up with strings.

Mother's Day Gifts Non-Traditional Style. Look at these non-traditional gifts like giving back to the Earth, crafts, shopping ideas and more! #MothersDay #gifts #ideas

Mother's Day Gifts Non-Traditional Style -

Gift Wrapping Idea * For giving potted plants, wrap in brown craft paper, tie with a bow, that simple. Love this example of a branch used like a garden marker in the plant as it's gift tag. * from tinywhitedaisies

Favors with fabric yo-yo flowers.

Do guests a favor and present them with a small gift planted inside these petite flower-topped boxes. Wrap each small box with a belt of layered ribbons or a strip of woven fabric, and cap it off with a single fabric blossom.

Fancy envelopes  Who doesn’t love a voucher, some tickets or a little spending money for a gift? Make the present extra special with one of these lacy envelopes.

paper doily envelope-way cooler than the other Valentine& day junk they& already filling the store shelves with.


brown kraft paper bags with string and herbs, leaves and green foliage. natural look. Gift or present wrapping and packaging ideas. - Use clear cellophane or white bags to look more elegant;

fionaistheoddoneout:  How adorable are these gift boxes from Etsy’s theinklingsoftess. the next friend of mine to get a small gift will get one of these too!  * These are soooo cute!!! I love it

Circus tent gift boxes-I wish that one day one of the kids would want a Circus themed party.preferably a circus with sideshow freaks!