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Harry Potter characters: book versions vs. movie versions.
I love Aunt Marge above the Durselys
Harry Potter: book versus movie.  They forgot to mention book Harry has green eyes (like his mother's) and movie Harry doesn't.  However, I will forgive them :]
Harry Potter - Last words from the book
Hermione Jean Granger is one of my all time favorite characters. I love her like a fictional sister.
I have had conversations like this before with my friends. Why can't i have normal conversations with normal people?
"I’m a female writer and, what’s interesting about the Wizarding World is, when you take physical strength out of the equation, a woman can fight just the same as a man can fight, a woman can do magic just as powerfully as a man can do magic and I consider that I’ve written a lot of well-rounded female characters in these books." - JK Rowling