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Planned Parenthood provides affordable birth control, education, and health care so women won't NEED so many abortions.

Editorial cartoon by Gary Varvel found on theweek.com on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 / Shellshocked.

Donald Trump v. Paul Ryan: Cartoons that cut to the heart of the Republican Party fight - The Washington Post

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You got that right.

Hello, a pig is not a cow! But the "fact" remains you are a girl!

Don the $Con$ tRump "Christian" values.  Y'all have lost all self respect!

And people say the Obamas are trashy not to mention trump cheated on his previous wives

‘Hunger Games’ Actress Amandla Stenberg Educates the Internet About Cultural Appropriation Chances are, you know Amandla Stenberg for her role in The Hunger Games,  playing an adorable little girl named Rue who (SPOILER ALERT) dies. But after you watch this video, you’ll know her better as the wisest, most articulate 16-year-old on Earth.  Stenberg and a friend originally made this clip, titled “Don’t Cash Crop On My Cornrows,” for their high school history class three months ago. Speaking…

‘Hunger Games’ Actress Amandla Stenberg Educates the Internet About Cultural Appropriation

5 Reasons Cultural Appropriation Pisses Me Off as a Black Woman. Very well written article.

I am a direct descendant of JQA on my grandmother's side.  This kind of thinking has been passed down in our family in all the generations since and before.  Remember that his father was also a president.

I love how conservative christians and Republicans always quote the founding fathers.ALL of the founding fathers were adamant about the separation of church and state and many were atheists ! Score another one for great thinking minds.