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On Thursday October 4th, we will see the launch of Simon’s 4th book - ‘Simon’s Cat Vs THE WORLD!’ This latest addition is particularly special, as it is the first Simon’s Cat book to be in full, glorious technicolour! To celebrate the book’s launch and to give fans the opportunity to win a signed copy, we will be running a colouring competition throughout October.

To celebrate Simon's Cat the release of Simon's Cat Vs THE WORLD!, along with his followers coming from as far as France to Fiji, Jamaica to Japan and UK to Uzbekistan, we have launched an online photo collaboration with fans on Tumblr entitled ‘Simon’s Cat All Over THE WORLD!’ We have created 4 cut outs of Simon's Cat for you to download and make. We would then like you to take a photograph featuring the cut out and upload it to our Tumblr blog…

Simon's Cat - I LOVE watching these videos. They always make me laugh and I do not even have a cat1

Simon's Cat is SO funny! This cartoonist knows cats. Check out YouTube to find lots of different videos.