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hyungwon is just like "no blood, may haz candy?

stop it, stop it's too hot XD MONSTA X

Wonho has gotten me pregnant by osmosis so many times already. He's one of the most lethally sexy men I've ever seen in my life. it's practically toxic to female physiology and psychology. He fucks our shit up.

"But we're here if you need to talk to someone, dear. *Hums No Exit By Monsta X* | allkpop Meme Center


The Maze Runner fandom is far too small and the series is severely underrated :(

it's so true tho XD

Next : exo and bigbang , we need new dabbers

BTS Monsta X ~ But what about Suho's double dab?<<<I'm fucking dead

Getting into K-Pop... // monsta x

Bish its been years & there is really no exit😂 - April

I swear, Jackson gets around in the KPOP industry lmao... is there anyone he doesn't have an interaction with!? Haha, but yes love this interaction as well ❤️ #Jackson #GOT7

I does Jackson know everybody in the freaking kpop industry? My baby Jooheon, though, I remember this video and he's so talented T_T

True xDDD. | allkpop Meme Center


In every group tho: Exo, BTS, you name it>> Actually, INFINITE doesn't have an English speaker (but the rest are so true)

Why do i appreciate this picture so much !

Why do i appreciate this picture so much !

So much great band ön one picture. Vixx, BTS, Exo, Btob, Monsta x.

it's what makes them great. staying softhearted in this world is bravest of all

rapmon: my name is pinkmonster because I like pink *smiles cutely* jhope: dances to girl group dances and slays.