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Eat Your Way to Perfect Skin and Hair - The Coveteur

Just think of this as a Brita filter for your head.

8 Things to Never Do in the Shower, If You Want Great Skin  .ambassador

8 Things To Never Do in the Shower, If You Want Great Skin

Love the tip on replacing your loofa for an organic sponge! 8 Things to Never Do in the Shower, If You Want Great Skin

9 Shower Mistakes That Cause Acne

9 Shower Mistakes That Can Cause Acne

After a long and sweaty workout or particularly trying day at work, few things feel better than hopping into the shower. But while your steamy shower is great at washing away dirt and relieving tension, what if I told you that your shower could be ca

chemicals in water: heat from prolonged showers can lead to dry skin, but so can shower head; w/ all purifying agents used to filter public water, chemical build up on skin over time is very common; invest in shower head filter to fight off dry skin caused by chlorine & other elements

32 Surprising Things That Are Destroying Your Skin

10 All-natural hair tips for all hair types. Frizzy hair tip: rinse with the coldest water you can bear close to the hair cuticle, this will make hair look sleek and help tame frizz for a smoother finish

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NewMarket Naturals April Shower Filter, Hand-Held/Massage Head Filter, White has sleek Design with Wide Chlorine& VaporsHydrogen

Purifies water for better skin and hair Sephora: T3 : Source Showerhead Filter  : shower-filters-hair-tools-accessories-tools-accessories

What it is: The first shower filter that’s clinically proven to dramatically improve hair health, body, and shine.What it does: Through a chemical filtration process known as “Redox,” Source Shower Filters transform chlorine into harmless elements