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As much as I will argue that the vast majority of Americans are smarter than this, and that I love our country, this still makes me smile with those patriotic vibes. - Sentimental
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I remember when they placed you in my arms for the first time in 1994... sitting there in the quiet later and adding up in my head what year you would turn 18, and graduate from high school. Well ... that year is here. But youll always be my little girl! I love you!" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN
The GOD I  Trust has never failed me. "GOD is not a man, so HE does not lie.     HE is not human, so HE does not change HIS mind. Has HE ever spoken and failed to act?  Has HE ever promised and not carried it through?"  - Numbers 23:19 (NLT)
This explains how I feel for you my love. I love to touch all the creases of your skin. And when I look into your eyes it's like I'm sailing through the ocean being held in your arms. My heart beats fast and hard and my legs want to crumble. You take my breath away with a simple glance. You are the best. Ily