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Scallops Yakitori - "Yakitori" is a Japanese word that literally means "grilled bird," a reference to chicken bits on skewers in a sticky/salty sauce. The sauce itself is so favored that it has come to be known as "yaki.

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Mango-Chili glaze imparts a deep, caramelized flavor to these grilled scallops. Recipe: Grilled Scallops More Indian-themed cookout recipes

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This restaurant-worthy seafood pasta dish is a snap to make and an easy way to impress guests. We like the sweet taste and extra-saucy consistency of canned diced San Marzano tomatoes in sauces like .

Heart Healthy Recipes - Quick Heart Healthy Meals - Delish.com - Miso glazed scallops w/ sobu noodles.

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Miso-Glazed Scallops With Soba Noodles. This Japanese-inspired dish uses one sauce--a sweet/salt combination of mirin and miso--to make both the marinade for the scallops and the caramelized pan sauce for the noodles. A good pairing would .

Yakitori, grilled chicken, is commonly a Japanese type of skewered chicken. The average yakitori is made from several bite-sized pieces of chicken meat on a bamboo skewer & grilled, usually over Binchotan charcoal. Diners ordering yakitori usually have a choice of having it cooked with salt or with tare sauce, which is generally made up of mirin, sake, soy sauce & sugar. If you love Beer, yakitori is the perfect culinary match for it!

Negima Yakitori (Chicken and Scallion Skewers with Yakitori Sauce) by Saveur. These simple skewers gain loads of flavor from a basting of homemade yakitori sauce, a versatile marinade for most any meat or vegetable.

Beautiful BBQ scallops with chunky guacamole in grilled flatbreads ;-)

Beautiful BBQ scallops with chunky guacamole in grilled flatbreads ;

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Curry Scallops & Cilantro Rice Curry-coated scallops and brown rice seasoned with cilantro, scallions and lemon. For this recipe you& need 3 cups cooked brown rice. Serve with roasted carrots tossed with cumin and coriander.

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To maximize the flavor quotient of these spicy Spanish Shrimp-and-Sausage Skewers, try using authentic chorizo sausage in this recipe. Chorizo owes its characteristic flavor and color to mild Spanish paprika.

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