tabletop styling. This picture is beautiful! I love how the flame looks against the black table and how great the flowers look. This photo is so effective because its so stunning and every piece is placed just in the perfect way. Its a great still life.

A Stately and Stylish Garden Gate...

A Stately and Stylish Garden Gate...

Designer Sharon Mimran. Chippendale-style gate and lattice fence lead the view into the private yard. Glimpsed from the street, the 7 by 7 storage shed resembles the Victorian style of the main house. Circular mirror and mansard roof. - Interiors Inspired


Take something you really love, a letter, envelope, photograph, a ticket stub... anything - to a printing place like Kinkos and have them blow it up for you to hang as art. An old recipe from my Grandma would be great for the kitchen.