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Un concept-store dédié au mariage à Bruxelles

Fiat 500 - my first car but was a upgraded model Fiat 600 - this one is in Bruxelles

1975 Ford Manx

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The Bond Bug was a small British two seat, three wheeled sports car of the 1970s. Following the purchase of the Bond Motor Company, Reliant commissioned Ogle Design to design a fun car. It was a wedge-shaped microcar, with a lift-up canopy and side screens instead of conventional doors.

Bond Bug: a small British two seat, three wheeled sports car -

Historia del Dinarg D-200  - autos clasicos - autos argentinos

Dinarg microcar Dinámica Industrial Argentina, two-seater (with dickey seat for two children), only 300 were manufactured

Bubble car.

"Bubble cars" refers to vehicles in the shape of a sphere.European two-seater with futuristic stylings, like most bubble cars. Even has a nice coat of metallic silver paint.

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