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I've been wanting to share this series of images for quite some time. A couple of bachelors from the Piceance Creek/East Douglas HMA. They put on quite a show and it really felt like they were show...

Stallion _ running free in Sand Wash Basin Colorado

Beautiful mare Cheyenne a desert mare Colorado state

Press Release from the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group Forest Service to Withdraw Notice to Impound Salt River Horses! Salt River, AZ (December 10, 2015). . . . The U.S. Forest has informed ...

Durango - beautiful wild stallion SE Oregon May he stay out of BLM'S and Cattlemen removal of our wild horses.

Lady Braveheart with foal, Oregon take by Pony's Wild West. Help fight the BLM from sending our Historical horses to slaughter houses, and barbaric cruelty the BLM and Cattlemen are doing to these magnificent horses

Horses Freedom is is a losing battle for our Historical Mustangs

What's left of the horses in Nevada! !

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