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They like to make parodies of their own songs.

My boys my beautiful boys

I was SO HAPPY when they used it in the music video! Stop the Traffic and Let Em Through!

Day 30 why i love them and , proud of them: i have so many reasons i love them i don`t know where to begin! I am super proud of them because they came from the bottom of the stairs to the top of the world!

One Direction's Hottest Moments

Relive One Direction's top 10 greatest moments since they met on The X-Factor UK in

It's so cuteeee imeean immma jus go die Liam doesn't even look like Liam anymore but it's so cute asdfgghjklllkjhgfdf

my old band. nialler with his teeth of perfection. and no snapbacks and tanktops. boobear without stripes and suspenders. hazza without long long curls dj malik without his hair up. leeyum with his flippy style. i miss them.

One Direction m The guys and all together and then there's Harry and the fan by themselves. Um WHY DONT YALL GET IN A GROUP HUG

And here we have out wonderful boys being their goofy selves and then there's Harry being the adorable cupcake he is!

Just a few of Harold's TERRIBLE jokes. They're so bad. Endearing, but bad. -E

Just a few of Harold's TERRIBLE jokes. They're so bad. Endearing, but bad.<< I LOVE JOKES!<< I use these all the time! What did the buffalo say to his son going to college! Bison get it<<<<they're adorable Khurana Singh Styles.I LOVE U BABY!