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8 Time Management Tools You Should Use For Killer Productivity

Time... Always tick-tick-ticking away. Some days you're working from sun up to sun down. And at the end of the day, you have no idea what you actually did. It's happened to the best of us. One thing I've found in close to 6 years of straight-entrepreneurship and collectively 13 years throughout my lifetime, is that there's no tool that'll "fix" your time problem. Gasp! But the title says "8 Time Management Tools.."?! Yep. I know. The deal is: ...

The Dark Side Of The Obama White House

With only six months before the election, the stock market is giving President Barack Obama the worst returns since Ronald Reagan was seeking a second term.

' Doctors ☆ 「 Episode 2 」 "Why am I yours? I'm mine. Nobody can have me." -Hye Jung. ㅡ { #doctors #kdrama } !

These two really did have the best wedding ever. Getting married as you kick ass and take names. Nothing more romantic.