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done.  love ballet.  wish i was a ballerina.  maybe one day will start again but probably not on pointe again.  will most likely stick to watching :)

I used to do ballet as a kid and quit, which I regret because I wanted to be a ballerina. Still counts in my bucketlist!

Me: *pets the poor child's hair* Hey hey, its okay. Mari: HISSSSS LAY OF MY KID!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me: *runs away screaming* Springtrap: *walks over and grabs the child then punches Mari* Come on kiddo... Let's have some pizza and cry over mommy. Kid: ?-? I wish I was truly dead now... Springtrap: *pales* Fuck me.

The Puppet

FNAF 2 Puppet Honestly I believe that the puppet is a good guy trying to save the kids from the purple guy!

Seriously thinking about making this happen....I love little hide aways to read in and it looks more comfortable than the tree I sat in to read when I was a kid.

As a book nerd, this delights me.

Funny pictures about A Closet Transformed Into A Book Nook. Oh, and cool pics about A Closet Transformed Into A Book Nook. Also, A Closet Transformed Into A Book Nook.

40 ways to entertain your toddler while lying/sitting down (for when you're sick, hurt, or just exhausted)

40 ways to entertain your kids while lying down

40 ways to entertain kids while lying down (when you're sick, pregnant, injured, migraine, etc) Every Momma or nanny needs a list like this. (I'll be glad I pinned this in the future.

What I wish I knew! This list is spot on and great for new moms-to-be. Do your registry and then check this list to make sure you don't miss anything. Written by a mom of 2!

Top 9 Baby Products You Should Have As First Time Moms

If you’re expecting your first child, you may need some extra guidance on what products you will really want. Here are 9 baby products I wish I had as a first time mom that would have made my life so much easier.

My Cuppa Tea // Mix your coffee or tea exactly the way you like it using the color matching guide -- hilarious!

Mycuppa Tea Mug

Designed and sold by Suck UK, these color matching guide tea and coffee mugs help you to get that perfect cup! What a neat idea!

I've auditioned for plays, so...

Had the chance to be in a movie with Mel Gibson and didn't even audition :(

Easy to access and saves space! Perfection!

Top 10 Most Creative Household Uses for Borax

The 37 slogans are spot on.  For me, the information technology and music performance slogans are so true.

When You See What These Kids Said, You'll Want To Run. Number 5 Is Horrifying.

37 slogans for college majors if they were actually honest. LOL at the Criminal Justice and psychology ones a.a my major and minor.

Been there 3 times :) it was an amazing experience and if you are wondering whether or not to go, GO! it is so much fun no matter what age you are. (And not to sound cheesy but it true is the most magical place in Earth ;))

Farewell letter from

Do you remember the Mickey Mouse-in-a-glass-house balloons we each got when we went to Palisade's Amusement Park? Neither one of us could keep our eyes off it. I kept mine till it shriveled up hahaha

real snow not Charleston snow


I love my best friend and we've had a snowball fight a lot of times before so check :)