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(What's The Story) Morning Glory? LP][Remastered] in Movies, music & books

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Oasis classic 1994 hit immortalised in this LP sized framed canvas print. The perfect gift for fans of the Gallagher brothers, this beautifully illustrated print is the perfect addition to any home and a lovely piece to gift. Featuring lyrics from ‘Su

Oasis: A Year On The Road

A year on the road with Oasis

'Liam backstage at the Club Quattro Osaka. The gigs were getting better and better and Liam loved it. He had been given this Beatles' badge along with a couple of Beatles' picture disc bootlegs by the fans.

Oasis - Favourite Band! Shame I Wasn't Alive In 1994  :' ( @ʆίɓɓψ ʍσɾɾίς

Simple binary opposite colours with a bold font represent the band's no-nonsense substance over style attitude.

사람들은 건방지다고 말할 수도 있겠지만...굳이 본인이 하는 일에 겸손떨 이유도 없고, 노엘 말마따나 '너의 생각'을 물어보는 질문에 거짓말할 수도 없고. 사람들은 아닌 것에 대해서는 귀신같이 알아차린다. 게다가 언제나 인정할 것들은 인정하는 노엘오빠

Modesty, not Noel Gallagher's best trait. It's so true though.