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INFP Peace Haven ~ I.ntroverted iN.tuitive F.eeling P.erceiving (Introverted Feeling w/ Extroverted Intuition) The Idealist, Healers, Visionaries (NF) INFPs are introspective, private, creative & highly idealistic individuals that have a constant desire to be on a meaningful path. They are driven by their values & seek peace. Empathetic & compassionate, they want to help others & humanity as a whole. imaginative, artistic & talented in language & writing. Ako ata toh... Hehe...

INFJs heaven, surrounded by books and plants. my own home looks very much like this. Color, books, plants and my pets.

Media Tweets by Heikala (@heikala_art) | Twitter

Media Tweets by Heikala (@heikala_art) | Twitter

isn't it awe-inspiring how many worlds each individual carries within her or himself through a lifetime?

The girl with the five lads and fibromyalgia: Simple ways to bring the salon/spa experience directly to you

This is like my most favorite picture ever in the history of my existence. Seriously. <3!!!

Mermaid Katja © (Artist, Germany) via deviantART. Cool mermaid sitting on a stack of books in the middle of the ocean.

Oh my gosh, I would loooove a print of any of these detailed flower beasts. The lion here is just a small taste of how beautiful these are!

This week’s featured Etsy shop is ChipmunkCheeks. ChipmunkCheeks sells the absolutely delighting art of illustrator Katie Vernon. The prints depict primarily flora and fauna, although there…