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Science fiction book covers are the most wildly decorated on the shelf. Here’s a look at retro and pulp science fiction book covers that exemplify sci fi.

Vintage pulp book cover Delinquent, vintage illustration

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Fantastic Novels, The Conquest of the Moon Pool, Cover by Lawrence S. Stevens, 1948

Robots, Mad Scientists and Damsels: Astounding Pulp Cover Art

Fantastic Novels Volume 2 No. September 1948 Cover art by Lawrence Sterne Stevens Interior art by Virgil Finlay Contents: The Conquest of the Moon Pool - A.

if it makes them feel better to join the harem just to say they did it then this  if they found out about us and tracked me down then well... we might have to get nasty for a little while but at least you know they aren't robots.

I, Robot by Isaac Asimov, a collection of stories published in Asimov set out the principles of robot behavior that we know as the Three Laws of Robotics.

This gallery proves Frank R. Paul still rules science fiction art

This gallery proves Frank R. Paul still rules science fiction art

Amazing Stories, August 1928 “This issue is famous for featuring the first appearance of Buck Rogers in any medium.


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Illustration by Lloyd Birmingham, 1961.

I’m in the galactic empire business. “ – Walter White, Season 5 of Breaking Bad in the Century Lloyd Birmingham, 1961


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December 1930 - Poem - The Bells

Weird Tales, December Cover illustration by Hugh Rankin for "The Wolf of St. Bonnot" by Seabury Quinn