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Intelligence is by far the sexiest and most fun

Empaths are sexual, sensual beings who are capable of riding the emotive energy of an intimate encounter to mind-blowing fulfillment.

you wish I was yours and I hope that you're mine.

Magical and mysterious, Faeries are also subtle, sexual, sublime, stubborn, erotic, enticing, dark, and deadly… So you think you know Snow White? You’re acquainted with Sleeping Beauty? You’re quite familiar with Beauty and the Beast? Fairy Tale Rituals explores the eerie, seductive Faerie lore lying just beneath the surface of eleven favorite fairy tales. Feel the fear and passion these stories once inspired in ancient listeners. Learn how to create modern rituals that will bring the…

Heart pendant "Yoni-heart" - exquisit erotic jewelry - Yoni - Tantra - Kamasutra - heart - gift - love - erotic jewelry

Heart pendant Yoni heart Erotic heart, backside form of a sensual heart/botty…