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Names Of Christ - Jumbo Poster - Inspirational Art & Scripture - Christian Posters, I really like this only twelve dollars, this is a sale item I have no connection.

This is an awesome art project for teachers. Ask your kids to pick a color for their finger print - then make a class mural with everyone's colorful fingerprints - and put this headline on it! Email me your results at my site!

This picture is so amazing to me. The book within the arm is representing the muscles. Knowledge is power, maybe not physically, but it definitely is power. If someone lacks knowledge, they have a harder time getting through life. That's why in my Utopia, furthering ones education is a must with free college.

Film festival promotion. "The power of another cinema" - This ad immediately stood out to me because of its bright orange color, excessive white space, and strange but fun image. The main message is nicely placed to where it can't be missed and there is great eye-flow throughout the ad which helps make it very visually pleasing. The image cleverly shows person's hand painted to represent a clapperboard while simultaneously conveying suspense or fear as they watch a movie.