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Palmolive - 19250400 McCalls

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1924 Ad Quick Quaker Oats Man Milk Steaming Bowl Girl - ORIGINAL SEP4

1924 Ad Quick Quaker Oats Man Milk Steaming Bowl Girl - ORIGINAL SEP4

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Zonite - 19251100 McCalls

Zonite - 19251100 McCalls

vintage mens fashion ads | mens college fashion ad 1951 smart fashions for the bmoc 1950 s style ...

Smart fashions for the BMOC, style Pipe n' Pen fashions Marlboro shirts Esquire magazine 1951

Kitchen Bouquet. I think my Grandma used this in her roasts but I have not been able to duplicate the richness and darkness she achieved.

USA cooking kitchens bouquets housewives housewife woman women in kitchens

General Motors car ad. 1924.

Period paper for history and decor: paper ads, sheet music and magazines.

c. 1920 : Baby will be unhappy and cross During this time a lot of people were very gullible, and apparently believed whatever people told them. Because if you have common sense you would know some of these things weren't true. Like really a baby crying because it supposedly didn't have fresh air.

Baby will be unhappy and cross This poster issued by the Kansas State Board of Health outlines good infant care. State Board of Health Date: Between 1900 and 1920

The Soda Pop Board. There are so many things we are doing right now that will look just as ignorant in forty years.


Vintage cola advertisement by the Soda Pop Board of America: 'For a better start in life, start Cola earlier!' How things change!

VINTAGE SEXIST ADS | Sexist Vintage Ads » Lost At E Minor: For creative people

Sexist Vintage Ads

The propaganda is more sophisticated these days, buit the message of advertising remains the same: Be Afraid. "A Wife Can Blame Herself If She Loses Love By Getting "Middle-Age" Skin! "From Duke Digital Collections.

1940S  ad

1940S ad

Slipova Clothes for Children

Slipova Clothes for Children 1920

Propaganda Machista do Sabonete Palmolive nos anos 40

Gold Medal Flour - 19270500 NeedleCraft

Gold Medal Flour - 19270500 NeedleCraft

Philco, 1922.

50 Original Ads Of Old Times From Famous Companies

I don't know what to write about this post as an introduction because i'm still thinking of the conditions of those times,the people,the technology etc

A swinging 1952 Beech Nut Gum advertisement.

theniftyfifties: “ A swinging 1952 Beech Nut Gum advertisement.

Ethel Barrymore Photo Antique Cantilever Shoe (1924)

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