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If you're brave enough to say "good bye," life will reward you with a new "hello." Paulo Coehlo ...need to remember this right now - sometimes so hard to walk away from the things you know as safe, even when you also know them as not right for you.

"If you 're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello", Paulo Coehlo. #FamilyLawRights #divorce #love

Winnie The Pooh Goodbye Quotes | Winne the Pooh and Piglet Quote 4x6 Art Print by SmittensDesigns

Theres always a reason for a goodbye , only you yourself will know that reason.But with that goodbye opens a door to a new life that awaits you.A new smile to greet you with a new "hello".

"When you are uncomfortable enough to eliminate the things that aren't working in your life, the universe knows that you are making room for a new reality. An energetic release can be as simple as setting the intention to let go of a current situation or condition, with the desire to replace it with your new desired circumstance"

"You cannot lose something that was never yours, or keep someone who does not want to stay. Be brave and learn to say goodbye." Quote i am trying to live by.

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