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Take my hand..forever

So cute and so true! True love is hard to find

Sólo porque estés enojado con alguien no significa que dejes de quererlo.

honorary-ebonic: Just because you’re mad at someone doesn’t mean you stop loving them. Just because you’re mad at someone doesn’t mean you stop loving them. This is so cute

its just start beyond this in every universe we 'll be togetherrr,,

not even with things, you surprise me everyday with the way you love me and our family! I love you with all of my heart!

I've told you this a million times--- I won't stop pursuing you, flirting with you, and dating you even after you say "I do"...:

Just cause you are married doesn't mean you should stop dating each other. This also goes for a couple who is still in the dating stage. Never, ever stop pursuing the one you love.

You make the darkness bright. Don't loose your light x

You make the darkness bright.

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Laura: Ways to Make Your Husband Feel Loved and Respected : I need to… by lydia

Yes...conversation flows easily and the level of respect and mutual admiration and love are unexplainable.  Then there is the undeniable bond.

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The Heart Has No Wrinkles - Inspirational Quotes: The heart has no wrinkles. Look at this happy couple. True live is timeless. Remember that! How beautiful it i

It's all about taking risks.  Because it's not worth it to have to ask "what if" for the remainder of your life.

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Holding hands is a promise to one another that, for just a moment, the two of you don't have to face the world alone. ---We'll always stand together. Love my Honey!

Actually, my husband has made me realize you can romantically love someone forever! I look forward to the day when we're the old couple inspiring young lovers!!

Old couples make you realize someone can love you forever. I saw an old couple at Wegmans this weekend both wearing Ithaca College 1963 sweatshirts.

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is everything!

Sweet old couples / People in love - "Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is very special.


Being in a relationships isn't about the kissing or the dates or the going out. It’s about being with that one person who makes you happy in a way no one else can.

So true!

If you fight like a married couple, talk like bestfriends, flirt like first love, protect each other like siblings, it’s meant to be

I can't wait to see your face for the first time

So true.Its a long time ago I saw your face and your smile.only a few pictures from you.I wish to see your face again.( miss you)❤.