Lily Collins

So why don't i look this good with my pale skin? Actress: Lily Collins - love the pale makeup, dark lips and blush framed in by her black hair and coat

Lily Collins

I would cast Lily Collins as Alice because when I look at her, she gives off a feel of innocence and she looks naive and simple.

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Like how her hair shines!

Love her hair, she's going to be playing Clary in the City of Bones (the mortal instruments)(Shiny Chocolate Glaze)

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She had raven black hair, frosty skin, purple eyes and an eerie air about her. She reminded him of Snow White, but.


sexy sleek black on black leather jacket Lily Collins reminds me of Audrey Hepburn when she wears her hair like this. So gorgeous

Lily Collins

Minus size: high heel black boots, dark blue denims, pastels blouse under grey sweatshirt w/ black collar & sleeves, black wristwatch & matching hair done back;