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Just by the lake.........................

Being near the water is just about as peaceful as it gets. It's a really great place to listen to nature and be with God. Sittin' on the dock of the bay.well, almost. I'd sit here any day!

Thanks to unions, child labor isn't what it used to be. Support unions by buying union-made goods! Visit labor411.org

"Bibb Mill No. 1 Some boys were so small they had to climb up on the spinning frame to mend the broken threads and put back the empty bobbins." Macon, Georgia 1908 by Lewis Hine.

Choose wisely and share cautiously. AmericasFootprints.com

So true. Word to the wise. If a person talked about u before she ll do it again. Some people are just not meant to get along. She acts like ur friend but her mouth says the other

You're my ....

Life is about using the whole box of crayons! Life is beautiful! Love is Life! - Insert usual "I don't own any of these pictures" disclaimer here.

The Road to Heaven   *~<3*Jo*<3~*

Path of tears and smiles by =Oer-Wout, mystic foggy road covered in lavender lilac flower petals in magic fairy forest woodland, misty, flower trees

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New Beginning New Job quotes - Do not let your past rob your future. Each new day is a chance to make a new beginning. Count your blessings, live with gratitude and love with all your heart! Read more quotes and sayings about New Beginning New Job.