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There are so many things that the persons would want to do in their lives, which would mostly require the necessary amount of funds that they would need to have to execute their dreams and live well in the future. http://www.expertwitnesscredit.com/

In his new book Hidden Persuasion, Andrews, with social psychologists Matthijs van Leeuwen and Rick Baaren, explores 33 of the sneakiest tactics advertisers deploy while hawking their products. These hidden persuasions, as Andrews calls them, are a driving force behind advertising world’s efficiency, and they’re way more common than you might think.


Interactive Map Lets You See the Air Quality for 1,000 Places Around the Globe | TakePart

Homicide rates in Europe (Source: Our World in Data, Max Roser & Manuel Eisner)

Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, ermordet zu werden, war im Mittelalter und in der frühen Neuzeit um ein Vielfaches höher als im 20. Jahrhundert – so Steven Pinker. Quelle der Grafik: Eisner 2003

Infant Mortality Rate (Source: Devpolicy, UN Interagency Group for Child Mortality Est. 2013)

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