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A snowy owl during its awkward adolescent phase. Still quite a looker, wouldn't you say?

Magic of the Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl - Queen of the North - Terra Mater Factual Studios

Great Grey Owl

Great Gray Owl - coming in for a landing! Almost in mamas windshield lol.

Well this sucks - owl - pic only

smithsonianmag: So it’s a little wet here ~ Photo: Sad Owl Standing in the Rain Photo by Shamma Esoof (Cyberjaya, Malaysia);

Oh hello, Mr. Owl.

Owl in a monocle top hat. jennyberger Owl in a monocle top hat. Owl in a monocle top hat.

Why are the birds so happy? Don’t they know it’s morning? | Tales from the Mom-Side

Early morning joggers and park visitors have become victims of a vengeful owl that has taken up roost in Bush’s Pasture Park. The owl has been terrorizing locals and even stealing their .