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 breakfast would be good...now!

breakfast would be good.


The lovely Ms Mittenscherry

Calico (do you know all of triple colored calico cats are female?)

Calico (do you know that the vast majority of triple colored calico cats are female?

Oldest 2 Faced Cat | spanish cat 2 2

Oldest 2 Faced Cat

tabby with white belly | MISSING: Grey & White Female Tabby Cat at Blk 237 Bukit Panjang Ring ...

tabby with white belly

cat with mustache

going to see if I can find myself a lil mustache cat this wknd. or a persian cat.

(12) LIBERATED FELINE—The little black Munchkin Cat, Boots, grew very, very large. Boots thinks she is lovely, and she is. She lives inside her house while the abhorred Tabby Cat, Norman Bates, lives in the garage and in the yard outside her home. The two cats have an angst filled relationship because Norman insists on making fun of Boots and her quiet uneventful life.

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Two Beautiful Kitties.......

If given the option of calico or not calico, always choose calico. (Yes - Always choose calico! So Says KeepHerKitty!