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Did you know HMS Surprise is the ship which features in a fictional series by Patrick O'Brian tracing the adventures of Captain Aubrey and surgeon Maturin? Know more at Model Ships!

⚓♡salt air⊰⛵ .‘What are these?’ asked Sam, handling one that lay upon the greensward. 'Ropes indeed!’ answered an Elf from the boats. ‘Never travel far without a rope! And one that is long and strong and light. Such are these. They may be a help in many needs.’ 'You don’t need to tell me that!’ said Sam. ‘I came without any, and I’ve been worried ever since. But I was wondering what these were made of, knowing a bit about rope-making."

Inside: The Great Cabin on board the world-famous HMS Victory, used by Admiral Lord Nelson...

This is HMS Rose (the ship used to film Master and Commander with Russell Crowe as Captain Aubrey) - I built a model off this for my niece Colleen

Model of a typical merchantman of the period, showing the cramped conditions that had to be endured. Model of a 17th century English merchantman ship of about 400 tons

Patrick OBrien. Battle of Trafalgar - HMS VICTORY Fires Broadside at French Frigate REDOUTABLE . J. Russell Jinishian Gallery, Inc.

Names of each of the sails (i just need this for writing reference somewhere i won't lose it)