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The Box

The "think outside the box" phrase always seemed like an over-used term from corporate america that they never really wanted you to aspire to. Love this alteration of it.

the real secret of life / alan watts

This is the real secret of Life. To be completely engaged in what you are doing in the here and now and instead of calling it work, realize it is play. Secret of life quote from Alan Watts ☀️

I love ❤️ you too

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vulnerability is terrifying

I'm not good at being vulnerable. Perfectly fine and understanding with other peoples' vulnerability, but it's hard for me to be vulnerable. I think it's partly because I think no one will want me if they know my life isn't perfect.


"Vulnerability sounds like truth & feels like courage. Truth & courage aren't always comfortable, but they are never weakness." Go me for being vulnerable!

Axo funfun

everythingginger: “ According to RedheadDays, it’s Kiss A Ginger Day today so Happy Kiss A Ginger Day Everyone!