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Family maternity photo with a toddler

An electric blue day gecko, (Lygodactylus willoamsi) from Tanzania. This species is critically endangered from habitat destruction & over-collection for the pet trade. However, it is being bred in captivity. Unlike most geckos which are nocturnal & often cryptic in coloration, day geckos are brightly colored & generally active during the day. #nature

Turtle Hat and Shell Set

Incredibly cute crochet turtle pattern - awesome newborn photography prop. Custom made set available at

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Glover's Reef

This site is on the World Heritage list and is a "no take" zone. The reef is great for diving, snorkeling and kayaking. Divers regularly see spotted eagle rays, southern stingrays, turtles, moray eels, dolphins, several shark species, barracudas and tropical reef fish. Interesting fact: The site is named after the English pirate John Glover.