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Police Brutality- sickening lost complete faith in humanity and I dislike America now :-/

There are the big stories we all hear about and try desperately to explain away, but this shit happens every day. It may be a few bad apples, but what do you do when you find a bad apple? You throw it out! You don't bury it under the nice apples and go, "What? See? These apples are fine!" We need to pay attn, and raise awareness. For the safety of the people and the benefit of all of the actual good cops out there.

Chris Lollie: tasered and arrested in front of his children, while committing no crime. Failure to ID. And sitting in a public area.

Apparently injustice for some.

1 pic shows how cops treat peaceful protesters, and the other shows how cops treat participants in a massive shootout. Is that cop in the top photo smiling?

Bad cops should be put in prison not cleared. Allowing immoral cops to remain on the force only endangers the good officers by inciting hate among the public. A dashboard video camera in a patrol cruiser in the parking lot captured Trooper Daniel Cole chasing her. Cole was only a few feet behind her when he pulled out his Taser and fired its electric probes into her back.  Maudsley spun, fell backward and smacked her head on the asphalt parking lot. She lay there, bleeding and crying as Cole…

Bad cops should be put in prison not cleared. Allowing immoral cops to remain on…

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They always manage to capture white killers alive, while killing Black youth who pose no threat.

11698_877781822256300_8103380315442340295_n.jpg (960×604) The pictures speak for themselves!

Racism and Police Violence - Frank Phillips, Knoxville Sheriff fired for choking WHITE student. Police KILL a BLACK man. You know the answer.