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3 x 6 Bora Bora Tile | Eco-Friendly Handmade Tile | Fireclay Tile

"Bora Bora" Handmade in California, Eco-Friendly, recycled material and is offered in many shapes and sizes, very unique shapes available!

Backsplash - $45/sq foot 3-5 weeks. Small Diamond Sheeted Jade Tile | Eco-Friendly Handmade Tile | Fireclay Tile

Imagine filtered sunlight on a mossy bank beckoning you, when you surround yourself with this subtle, shiny, ever so gentle green.


Soft and subdued, this antiqued white tile offers creamy ivory undertones for an inviting, vintage-inspired quality.

3 x 6 Sand Dune Tile | Eco-Friendly Handmade Tile | Fireclay Tile Alternative to Heath Ceramics

Offering a sense of understated sophistication, this warm soft gray tile is highlighted by an engobe glazed crackle finish and subtle variation.

Emerald $45

Bejewel your space with this deep teal matte tile. Known as the most colorful mineral in the world, Fluorite was once used to carve beautiful decor and elaborate ornaments.

Mini Star & Cross Flagstone Tile | Eco-Friendly Handmade Tile | Fireclay Tile

Inspired by the metallic luster of magnetite, this dramatic black hue is subdued by a smooth finish.

Bachelor Button Border Architectural Tile. All of our handmade tiles may be used for architectural installations. Border designs may be used in combination with the 3 or 4 in. decos, field tiles or with the 6" Art Tiles. Tiles may also be used in outdoor applications. All tiles are approximately 9/16" thick. (See website for prices.)

Bachelor Button Border field tile with blue gloss glaze tile by Carreaux Du Nord, USA

Hawaiian Blue Tile | Eco-Friendly Handmade Tile | Fireclay Tile

Immerse yourself in crystal clear waters with our Hawaiian Blue tile’s cool blue hue, highlighted by a high crackle glaze and rippling variation.