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Geometric Neon Orange Vase

Geometric neon orange handpainted wooden planter with air plant


I LOVE this! Geometric Teal & Gold Handpainted Wooden Planter by FlaneursPocket

Half Peach Dip Wood Geo by Haley Ann

Half peach color blocked Walnut geo featuring light blue geometric line details. Longest measurement is 3 inches. Comes with custom bleached denim holding bag.

houten potje

Coral // Wood Air Plant Cube Bulbosa by seaandasters - Simple, attractive, great decor

$500-5000, Side Chair One by Alexander Kneller
    added to Generate Design

Side Chair One from Generate LE. Seat, table and storage in one.

wooden cheese

wooden cheese

and i'll need this great dispenser for my expanding tape collection $38

Choco tape dispenser (including one roll washi tape) designed by Toshitsugu Fujiwara,



Puscha is a wooden cow: a toy or a decorative element. Based on an archaic model, its archetype is deeply enrooted in Switzerland’s cultural…

Puscha is a minimalist design created by Switzerland-based designer Carlo Clopath. The indescript object is constructed of solid maple for Swiss furniture company Dadadum. Carlo Clopath is a swiss industrial designer.