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xD I did this on a facebook post where it said "Name someone who can rap better than Drake, I'll wait" and I commented with a picture of Yoongi lol

Reclaimed wood Herringbone wall treatment! Face planed barn wood from Reclaimed Design Works.

Omg Sasha as Hanna... Who would be Ali? Wait so she's too young to play a shop lifter but not a girl who gets "kidnapped" and everyone believed she was dead and buried alive by her mother because her transgender brother (Cece Drake, that's right that's who Charles really is ppl) threw a rock at her head after being in a mental hospital for years and thinking it was someone who pushed a grown woman (Toby's mom) off the roof and blamed Charles/ Charlotte/ Cece for it)

“#605 by Robert M. Drake #rmdrake @rmdrk Here are the winners for the contest: @jcooty @yaseminkleijne @itsmonicavp @ashnisha @hearmespeak_official…”