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When to plant short day onions in zone 8

The USDA plant hardiness zone map provides vital information as to which gardening or climate zones apply to your area to ensure the long life of your garden.

Want to know which plants will grow well in your garden? Follow the map, which is based on the average lowest winter temperature in your area.

How to use the USDA's planting zone map

Looking for plant hardiness zones? This useful map shows which plants you can grow in your garden based on temperatures in your area.

Tips for Protecting Outdoor Plants from Frost and Freezing Temperatures | Parenting Patch

Tips for Protecting Outdoor Plants from Frost and Freezing Temperatures

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map - Different hardiness zones throughout North America support different plants. Learn how to read the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map at HowStuffWorks.

Everything you can plant in August for a Fall Garden. Zones 1 - 10 gardening.

What seeds to plant in August for an awesome Fall garden. Zone 9 and 10 listed. Have your best vegetable garden ever!

These guidelines are for a USDA 4. For every zone warmer you are – delay this by one week.  So a USDA 6 would start transplanting perennials in mid-September rather than early September and would go until mid-October instead of late September. (two week difference between zone 4 and zone 6).

When Can You Transplant Plants In The Fall Garden

Garden Planner: Spring Planting Guide. Detailed garden planner with a printable spring garden worksheet and tips for creating an instant garden.

Garden Planner: Spring Planting Guide

Did you realize that the USDA Zone Hardiness Map has been revised? due to climate change. Find your zone: Understanding Plant Hardiness Zones