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So I get back to earth and they've put all these crosses everywhere and I'm like WTF? You think if JFK comes back he wants to see fucking sniper rifles everywhere?

So many crosses - Is that really what Jesus wants to see?

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The most disgusting church sign I have ever seen. It's almost like they're trolling their faith

Even children can understand evolution... The stupid is strong.

My 7 and 9 year olds understand evolution. You are dumber than a first grader.

They found god particle where is your god now atheist?......let's see, which one would that be..so many choices.


Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Science. Name it "the god particle" they said. People will get the irony, they said.

oh wait, thats just my dogs ass...

10 Divine Apparitions In Unexpected Places

Dog's butt & Jesus I'm not sure what's more funny. that I can see Jesus on the dogs butt or that I am looking for it!

God’s representative on Earth didn't get enough strength from, erm, "God", apparently.

Actually Benny the Rat(zinger) retired because the fact that he knew about all the sexual abuse and did nothing about it in all the years before he became pope - were coming back to bite him and would cause a major scandal!