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Chum Salmon: Oncorhynchus keta or Dog Salmon (due to its dog like appearance during spawning), or Keta Salmon (10-20lbs)    The Chum salmon is an anadromous fish in the salmon family. Lifespan is typically four years. Chum look similar to Coho and Sockeye in the ocean phase with blue, green and silver bodies. However, as they enter the rivers the spawning colours emerge. Purple, green and pink takes over. Chum Typically weigh 8-30 lbs.    Chum return to the rivers from October to December.

Chinook salmon -- our favorite kind of salmon! Columbia River spring Chinooks are the absolute best.

Huge colorful Rainbow Trout Original Wall Art by fishfanatic

Huge colorful Rainbow Trout Original Wall Art by fishfanatic

Tiger Trout

Tiger Trout are one of those rare natural oc.

Melissa Cole Fun Fine Art: "Tic Tac Trout" Original 36x60 Acrylic Painting

So much fun to do a great big painting with huge wriggling trout! This one will be going into my upcoming March show at Barrister Win.

Brown Trout Fish Print - Brown Sugar fishing artwork

"Brown Sugar" Colored pencil drawing of a German Brown Trout by Travis J. Reference photo courtesy of "Bryan Huskey"

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