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'Morse' at 6weeks - Newfoundland puppy

'Morse' at - Newfoundland puppy

Nandi Appleby

Nandi Appleby

BearNMind Newfoundland Puppy

I love the newf puppy stance

Newfoundland puppy :)

– Comet is now about 3 months old and having a fun day in the snow with her new family.

In the car going for a drive.

In the car going for a drive Are you coming soon?

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Newfoundland Rottweiler cross

Omg looks like a Tibetan Mastiff newfie/rottie mix = ADORABLE!


Newfoundlands (newfies) My favorite breed, such gentle, loving, giants! Miss mine so badly. He was beautiful, shiny black hair with curls.

Newfie puppy- tell me that's not the cutest face ever!

one day - little Newfoundland pup - thank goodness he's just a picture or he'd be mine

What a beautiful newf pup

What a beautiful newf pup


My name is Gandalf the Grey and I am a ten week old Newfoundland puppy. Some of my favorite things to do include playing with my big brother and sister, chasing the kitty cats, chewing on everything I can find and taking naps with my mommy and daddy!

Lhasa Apso and Bichon Frise mix. :) If I got a puppy I want this one!!!!!

La-Chon Information and Pictures. The La-Chon is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Bichon Frise and the Lhasa Apso.

Lhasa Apso mucky faced milly...

Lhasa Apso mucky faced milly...

My Lhasa Apso ❤❤

Looks just like my Lola!

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Stamford, New York USA - Non-shedding, wonderfully intelligent Lhasa apso puppies from year breeder. Our puppies come with health guarantees, utd on shots, wormed and very well socialized.

Lhasa Apso blinking

Lhasa Apso blinking