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Artist Kaleb Raleigh has cleverly put together Pokemon and Game of Thrones. You know those House banners that we've seen all over the web? Kaleb gives us the Pokemon versions.

HBO's Game of Thrones Tywin Lannister

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'Game of Thrones' Pokemon: House Baratheon

'Game of Thrones' Pokemon: House Baratheon

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Vous êtes des génies les gars --> Awesome, wish I could read french though ^^''

Fakemeon- I would have made mezmerazor a poison type

This started as an excersice, trying to make two fusions, using the same 2 pokemons, but with 2 diferent outcomes and this is what I got Line BOREON (Boreal) [HOUNDOUR+SNEASEL] -Dark/Ice -The.


Next remake in line, this time are this 2 Alongside with descriptions (Deer-Eerie) -Ghost/Fire -Skeleton Pokemon -"Natural of kroel woods, this pokemon is beleived to be made from the bo.