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Título: Como economizar água: infográfico ensina 10 maneiras simples; Veículo: portal Bolsa de Mulher; Data: 13/02/2014; Cliente: CAS Tecnologia.

- Olivia Mullin - DEMANO create courier bags from discarded PVC and polyester advertising materials from exhibitions, festivals and cultural events. - Their products consist of recycled banners, recycled kites, recycled scaffolding nets, 70's cars and recycled clothes. Ref: Website http://www.demano.net Description: Screen shot of front page (english) Date accessed: 13/02/13 Year:2014

Yasmin Cain:This report covers much from affordable fashion to organic cotton. H&M work with companies to educate farmers to use less water and chemicals in the cotton production, many other reports show H&M use sweatshops to produce, which questions how ethical are they?H&M are about producing fast fashion, they need to do less talking and more action. 3bl media,2011,H&M Releases Conscious Actions Sustainability Report 2011,[online video]Available a twww.youtube.co.uk,[Accessed:13/02/14]

Yasmin Cain: Lighting is a serious issue when it comes to sustainability. Reducing lighting contributes well to global warming. Compact Fluorescent, HID and LID lighting is more energy-efficient compared to standard incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lighting. Gill Fehrenbacher,2014,Green building:environmentally friendly lighting,[online] Available from:www.inhabitat.com[Accessed:13/02/14]

Yasmin Cain: worldweave products are ethically and sustainably designed and manufactured in Australia and India. Using low-technology methods can therefore ensure communities remain active in the development of products that sustain their traditional homelands. The company is very loyal to their staff and pay fair wages. this type of production is the best for everyone globally. worldweave,2013,collections new in stock,[online image]Available at:www.worldweave.com,[Accessed:13/02/14

Diseñada en Dinamarca las partes se preparan con ayuda de computadora - Arquitectura eentileen.dk

Hempcrete, Made From Hemp, Used To Build Houses http://www.realfarmacy.com/hempcrete-made-from-hemp-used-to-build-houses/

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