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I saw these super-cute colossal burgers on Artolazzi's blog, and I just HAD to do them with my fifth graders! This spurred a whole class discussion (for the duration of our project, which was 2.5 classes) about the food challenges on Man v. Food. It was so much fun!

Running a blog for your small business is a great way to attract clients, build your authority, and show your expertise. However, if you're making these 6 colossal blogging mistakes, you may be at best irritating your readers and at worst damaging your reputation and your ability to attract and book clients. Don't let these 6 colossal blogging mistakes hold your small business back. Click through to find out whether or not you're in the clear.

TIP OF THE DAY: Building Colossal Biceps! #MrSport discusses the one exercise that will increase muscle growth in the biceps. Click to see

TIP OF THE DAY: The Fundamentals to Building Colossal Calves! Calves are a muscle group that a lot of people tend to struggle with. #MrSport explains some key areas to developing calves!

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