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Hetalia: A summary

Hetaoni: everyone is like omg, wth, wtf! Prussia is like wuuuuuttt, and japan is like im done

These brothers

If we look closely at what they're doing, you'll see that they're putting rocks into snowballs. And Denmark has snowballs so it looks like they're about to have a snowball fight. So those two are definitely up to something.

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden || Hetalia

Pinching cheeks, Nordics - Iceland "don't touch me" - Norway "you r going to get hit in. someone's paying attention to me" - Finland - "why are you pinching me?" - Sweden - "touch me again and see what happens"

Anime (Hetalia) Superlativ by Bakeneko14 on deviantART  Amazing

Anime (Hetalia) Superlativ by on deviantART Amazing <<< I cant help but think that Switzerland should have been in the "most likely to come to school armed"

Someone finally noticed Canada, himself.

His eyes

precious baby cinnamon rolls hetalia<<<Sweden looks so done with Denmark's sh*t

America Hetalia Headcannon.....oooooh I like this one....it makes America more interesting

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